The X-37B Spacecraft': Evidence Of A ‘Top-Secret’ Space Program
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The US Government has many shady secrets behind it's democratic curtains where things unimaginable take place. People claim that highly advanced technology has been around for a long time and that it belongs exclusively to the Government with the goal of becoming the most dominant in terms of warfare and an absolute world power.

Many conspiracy theorists claim that controversial top secret experiments are taking place in space. One space program that is filled with mystery involves the Air Force X-37B spacecraft. Nobody knows what purpose it serves and why it's orbiting Earth. Conspiracy theorists claim that it's part of a 'secret space fleet', delivering weapons from space and spying.

The spacecraft has reached a staggering 700 days in space. The X-37B spacecraft is also known as the Orbital Test Vehicle 4 and is one of the most advanced spacecrafts operated by the US military. What is it's mission? What kind of technology is it hiding?