Vatican rocked: Police raid drug-fuelled gay orgy at cardinal's apartment
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Vatican police are said to have broken up a homosexual orgy, allegedly, in the apartment that belongs to Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith. This is a department who has duties that include looking into clerical sexual abuse. Apartment Said To Be Owned By Crucial Adviser To Pope II Fatto Quotidiano, a newspaper from Italy, has published claims that the apartment in which the alleged homosexual orgy took place; occupant is allegedly that of the secretary of Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, one of the crucial advisers to Pope Francis along with being the head of the Pontifical Council for Legislative texts.

Coccopalmerio was said to have been given a recommendation for a promotion up to the bishop. However, the alleged incident along with a period of time in which he was allegedly said to have been making a recovery from two drug overdoses are more than likely going to have an effect on that decision. Cardinal George Pell Allegations Also Overshadow Vatican The allegations follow on from the charges against George Pell just last week when police charged him with sexual offenses. Cardinal Pell had been the one who was appointed to clean up the finances while the Pope was making the move to make reforms that have seen some conservatives up in arms about. The conservatives were also angered when the Pope refused to help in regards to the case of Charlie Gard from Britain. The case was heart-wrenching, and it made the headlines globally due to the young parents trying to fight for the right for Charlie, their son, to get treatment for mitochondrial depletion syndrome, which is very rare.

Charlie is only the 16th case to have been reported in the whole world and is unable to neither breathe without help nor move his legs or arms. He has been in the hospital since the age of eight weeks since it was first noticed that the condition was getting worse. The Times reported that resistance to Pope Francis had been growing. They reported that they had heard about five stories emerging within just a few days and all of them have created some turbulence. They went on to say that in the eyes of many people the Pope had now lost some credibility.