US Navy Photo of Alien UFO landing on Aircraft Carrier is Genuine
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An alleged photo of a flying saucer landing on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier is genuine, according to William Tompkins, a retired aerospace engineer who had a four decade career with leading U.S. corporations up until 1984.

William Tompkins reveals a pact between the American military and the nordic aliens and that this pact lasts from this World War II when the North American aliens allied with the American military to defeat the reptilian aliens who aid the Nazis. He also tells us that while working on the secret projects of building a space fleet, he worked at that time with two female aliens who advised him on spacecraft projects As for the photo of the ship placed in the port, he assures it is true and represents a ship of the Nordic aliens who came to fetch the admiral of the fleet for a meeting in the ship of the Nordic aliens.