Uhm… British Scientists are looking for WHAT in Antarctica
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If you've been following the strangeness in Antarctica, you can add some more strangeness, and this ranges from a completely unsubstantiated rumor, which we'll get to in a moment, to something that is a little more than... well, creepy, which will be the subject of our trademark Speculation of the day. A team of British scientists will travel to antarctica to collect meteorites. All this would seem normal if it were not for the veil of mystery surrounding the continent of Antarctica.

From the Nazis' travels to this continent through the American operation called highjump, to the dislocations of high personalities that went to the continent to see the effects of climatic change phenomena.

Something for sure was found in Antarctica which makes all these important people travel to this important place. Will we ever know what's going on there? Please share your thoughts about this amazing mystery, thank you.