UFO Congress: New, surprising facts about the 'Phoenix Lights' revealed
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The Phoenix Lights are considered to be one of the most astounding UFO sightings in modern history. The glimmering unidentified lights first appeared over the city of Phoenix in Arizona in 1997. The authorities were immediately on the scene to offer an explanation, claiming that the lights had been caused by spare flares during a military exercise. However, this explanation has failed to convince many people as the lights have appeared sporadically over the years in the same location. Naturally, the Phoenix Lights have been a source of intense conversation and debate among UFO researchers. Now a gathering of the UFO Congress has proliferated some new and interesting information about the bizarre occurrence. The International UFO Congress met in Scottsdale and hosted an incredibly interesting panel discussion called "The Importance of the Phoenix Lights-Mass UFO Sighting." The panelist including Richard Dolan, the UFO writer and researcher, Dr. Lynne Kitei, a witness to the lights and author of "Phoenix Lights: A Skeptic's Discovery That We Are Not Alone," Jim Mann, director of Arizona MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). The panel was moderated by UFO expert, James Fox. The panelists dismissed the official explanation about the military flares, saying that the lights had been spotted in other regions of North America before their appearance in Phoenix. They are first seen close to Henderson in Nevada, and after they disappeared from Arizona, they temporarily appeared against over Mexico. "We call it the Phoenix Lights, but it's not completely accurate, "said Richard Dolan. The panelists also discussed the incredibly unusual effect the lights had on the hundreds of witnesses, which were so abnormal that it certainly casts a great deal of doubt on the official explanation.

Some of the witnesses to the event had reported to members of the panel that they had to experience powerful sensations of awe upon seeing the lights and immediately wanted to talk about what they had seen. Others were stricken with an eerie temporary amnesia. Fox reported that one woman had watched the lights for a time in silence and then had gone back to drinking her tea as though nothing had happened, without speaking a word about it to her family. Mann confirmed this unusual effect is saying that several motorists got out of their cars to watch the lights gliding overhead. They said nothing to each other and then simultaneously got back into their cars and went home.