Discovery of the century coming? Search for secret King Tut chamber to begin this month
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When it comes to famous Egyptian kings and mummies, the one first to many people's minds is King Tut or King Tutankhamun in full. However many people struggle to nail down exactly what makes King Tutankhamun so much more notable than the other kings of ancient Egypt.

Well, the answer to that is very simple, it is actually because of the quality and quantity of treasures found inside of king Tuts tomb that has people so interested. Secret In The Tomb Of King Tut Discovered? Though some treasures are believed to have been stolen by the original discoverers of the tomb, most of the most valuable of treasures and artifacts have been kept safely within the boundaries of easy. The king's tomb itself was very small, likely because he died suddenly there was little time or even impetus to create a full sized burial chamber until it was too late and the King had passed on. Because of that, the chamber itself is very small, with just a single passageway leading to the small chamber the king was buried in. However, within that small chamber upon its first discovery were treasures and wealth beyond what was expected.

To give an idea of the mass of wealth that was found within the tomb, here is but a sample of what was found in the original chamber: First of all, countless jewelry be it brooches, anklets, bracelets, pendants, amulets, beginning necklaces, earrings, collar, s normal rings, just anything you can think of that you could put jewels in and wear on your body was found. He also had been buried with six jeweled out chariots due to his love of horseback riding. There were various couches and chairs and even two thrones, as well as beds and headrests all for him to presumably rest on. There were man-shaped coffins and solid gold coffins equipped with shrines and burial shrines as well as funeral equipment all in case the king woke again and needed a new place to rest. Of course, there were countless solid gold and gold gilded statues and busts, daggers, lamps, and ornaments, as well as splendid instruments and chests filled to the brim with gold. There were perfumes and oils both for luxurious and medical purposes and clothing made of the finest fabrics for any climate. There were food and wine that has long since gone rotten, though the wine would be obscenely valuable if untainted. And finally, the oddest addition was the 139 walking sticks that were made of materials that varied from ivory, silver, gold and ebony. It seemed that he was buried with enough equipment to live whatever kind of afterlife he wished, be it relaxing in his tomb with his many treasures and instruments or going out into the world with his warm clothes and chariots. Or was he intended to rule over the dead from his throne? If all of that wealth and money weren't enough, there is now beginning to form that there may be additional chambers inside the burial ground waiting to be discovered that are teeming with even more treasure and wealth to be found. Specifically, archeologists and scientists are hoping to find the lost tomb of King Tut's beloved mother whom it is believed he had hidden somewhere in the area and would have had even more valuable things that the King had valued just as much as he had valued his mother. Scientists are set to do scans of the area around King Tut's tomb using high waves of energy to print out a 3d image of what lies underground. Though these scans are still ongoing, scientists say that any additional rooms or chambers discovered in King Tut's tomb would be the discovery of a lifetime, some treasures that could be right under the noses of scientists is staggering.