Tom DeLonge: 'BIG UFO ANNOUNCEMENT’ coming within next 60 days
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Tom Delonge, the front man for bands such as Blink 182 and Angels & Airwaves, has been very vocal about an important message that he intends on releasing within the next sixty days regarding the UFO phenomenon. Before you start laughing or scratching your head, realize that this is a serious article.

The punk front man has been involved in a mysterious project and has sent some emails to Hillary Clinton that have been discovered by WikiLeaks. The rock star had also been speaking to numerous military officials via email as well. In these emails, Delonge had stated that he was in communication with extra terrestrials and that he was aware of his phone being tapped.

Delonge had also said that he was under surveillance by a group of "shady officials." Delonge said that there's some information that he could not mention, but there was a lot that he could touch on, and that we could expect a major announcement in the 60-day timeframe that he laid out for us. He had also said that he had been under scrutiny from these shady officials due to his fame and how his status had brought him a status of notoriety regarding the UFO phenomenon that he had involved himself with.

Delonge also said that with regards to the existence of UFOs and the leak of his correspondence with Clinton and the military, that WikiLeaks had "messed some stuff up." Perhaps the controversial site took offense with what Delonge had to say. Maybe the group that was watching Delonge and tapping his phone was Mr. Assange's group? Some people do not like to be criticized, especially when it puts their credibility into question. Either way, all we can do is wait to hear what Tom Delonge has to say. From rock star to conspiracy theorist. It's quite fascinating.