The Woman at the Funeral
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I cant remember the exact date, it was almost 25 years ago. I do remember it being in the summer, though. I was about the age of 8 years old. My parents had a family friend pass away, and since they didn’t have a sitter for me, I had to go along. I was afraid of dead bodies at the time, understandably since I was a child. I just sat at my seat and waited until my parents decided it was time to leave.

I distinctly remember a brunette woman coming up and talking with me. She was wearing red heels, black tights, a black dress about down to her knees, a red and black suit-looking shirt, and she had on earrings and a necklace. I cannot recall what they were exactly. I don’t know why I can remember this woman so well, or why I can almost perfectly recall her exact outfit, she just stuck out in the crowd.

She asked me what my name was, I told her Josh. She then asked me a few more questions about how I knew the deceased, I told her he was a family friend. She then proceeds to tell me that she is his wife. I thought maybe it was his daughter or another friend of the man’s. She was a lot younger than him. She then tells me that she isn’t upset that he passed. Her exact words were, “I know we will be together again very soon.”

At 8 years old I didn’t know better. I was brought up to be friendly to strangers and I just talked to her. Too many people around for her to try and kidnap me. I do remember everyone looking at me funny, and giving me dirty looks. I didn’t know why they were doing this. We sat there and talked a good 15 minutes or so.

Someone must’ve said something to my parents about me. I remember when my mother told me they were leaving she was griping at me that I should stop talking to myself. I told her I wasn’t talking to myself I was talking to the man’s wife, who had died. She was talking to me. We still kind of mention this today and share a chuckle over it because even she says she remembers saying this:

“Josh, that isn’t funny, that man’s wife died.”

Witness: Josh Collins

Location: Pittsfield, Illinois

Date of Encounter: June 1992