Stunning Revelation : Crop Circles Are Decoded By Scientist Who Says They Are Alien Messages
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Dr. Horace Drew a well known and respected scientist who has earned his Ph.D. from Caltech has made a stunning revelation. He claims to have decoded crop circles and says that they are alien messages from advanced intelligent beings who are trying to interact with us. Dr. Drew goes on to say that humans cannot understand these complex communications yet as we are not advanced enough as a species.

The complex messages he says, often depict images of the distant future and some of the crop Circle messages can contain messages from human time travelers in the very distant future. He credits the crop circle messages with a breakthrough, a binary code which is far more advanced than the current binary code our computers use today. Crop circles have often been looked upon with suspicion due to the numerous hoaxes and frauds perpetrated by humans. Many have gone out into fields at night and created crop circles that in the morning appear to have sprung up overnight.

Not all crop circles, however, are the work of pranksters. The origins of most remain unknown. Only with the passing of time will we find out if Dr.Drew is right, in the meantime these intricate and mysterious crop circles continue to appear around the world.