Student flies to Sydney, Canada by mistake
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Milan Schipper has become the latest hapless air traveler to wind up in Canada instead of Australia.

Schipper, who is from Amsterdam, thought that he had managed to get an exceedingly good deal on his plane ticket to 'Sydney' before stepping on to the aircraft at a Dutch airport recently.

Having dressed with the expectation of emerging in the searing heat of Australia's Pacific coast however he was rather disappointed to emerge from the plane in the middle of a raging blizzard.

He soon realized that his ticket had actually been for Sydney, Canada - not Sydney, Australia.

It's a mistake that several people have made before, including a young British couple who ended up in the same predicament back in 2002 and a grandfather who, along with his grandson, had also found themselves more than 17,000 kilometers from their intended destination.

Fortunately in this case airline staff were able to help 18-year-old Schipper buy a return ticket.

His father reportedly 'laughed an awful lot' when he finally emerged from the plane in Amsterdam.