AMAZING! Photographer Explores 'Secret Templar Cave' Inside Rabbit Hole
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One of the most notable military orders in history are the 'Knights Templar' also known as the "Order of Solomon Temple'. The order has always been considered one of the wealthiest and powerful and were a prominent in Christian finance. Their trademark insignia is the red cross and were feared in battle for they had the most skilled warriors among the crusaders. The non comabatants were managing the big economic infrastructure throughout the Christdom. They built countless structures to further expand the Christian empire in Europe and beyond.

Some of these sctructures were kept secret, hidden inside underground tunnels. Recently a photographer found deep in a rabbit hole a mysterious cave that seem to have belonged to the order of the Templars. It was found in Shropshire, UK. The tunnels are very beautifuly built with arches and pillars. What sort of secret meetings could the Templars have held there?