Scientists Think This Mysterious Organism Is A Seed Sent By Aliens
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Professor Milton Wainwright and his team made up of students and staff of the University of Sheffield and the University of Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology discovered several particles of an origin that is not earth by sending up what is called a sampler balloon into the highest reaches of inner space that a gas filled balloon can reach and then reel it back down to earth after it has been up there for a sufficient amount of time to collect minor space debris carried in the wind. A microscopic alien seed has scientists confused. Professor Milton claims that these methods have also turned up particles of the same asteroid that collided with Earth million years ago and wiped out the dinosaurs.

The disturbing thing about one of the particles discovered clinging to the balloon (now being dubbed the "directed panspermia") was that upon inspection at the cellular level showed one of the particles collected was oozing out a biological liquid from what appeared to be a shell made up of an element mixture of titanium and vanadium. This wasn't the first time such a foreign alien particle was discovered by similar methods of sampling outer space such as the "Ghost Particle" and "Dragon Particle" while there was also a report of an alien particle that was found clinging onto the TEXAS-49 rocket that was able to withstand being burned at over 1000 degrees Celsius.

There are many different theories on what this could be, with some of the more sinister theories being that it is from an alien origin intended to infect humans with harmful diseases or to seed the world with an alien lifeform for either good or bad reason. One can only hope that there is a simpler and less confrontational reason for this amazing finding. Because of the astonishing statements made by Professor Milton and his team, NASA is currently preparing their own collection balloon to send into outer space to verify or disprove the claims.