Scientists Are About To Build A Gigantic Quantum Computer To Solve Uncrackable Problems
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Imagine a computer that works beyond the set binary code of 0's and 1's. Imagine a computer that is a million's of times faster than even the most state of the art laptop out there today.

Imagine a computer that can process more information and actually multitask without slowing down. Well, imagine no longer, this type of computer known as the Quantum computer could be on track to becoming a reality. The First Quantum Computer in the Works Turns out that there are many groups of scientists all over the world have been working toward creating the Quantum computer database. One of these groups from the Quantum Technology Group at Sussex University in the UK believes that they now have the blueprint for such a computer.

One of their team member Winfried Hensinger was quoted in an interview as saying: "[W]e are now publishing the actual nuts-and-bolts construction plan for a large-scale quantum computer, "he was quoted a saying and went on to further say, "Life will change completely. We will be able to do certain things we could never even dream of before." But this isn't the only team who believe they are close to creating the Quantum Computer. Another team working for the search engine and technology mogul Google believe that their blueprint for the D-Wave 2X which they guarantee will have faster speeds than anyone could imagine. So, who will win this race? That is the main question, one thing is certain no one wants to rush to the finish line.

Perfecting this type of technology or qubits as these are called isn't easy and will be a long drawn out process. Despite the work ahead Hensinger and his team believe they are on the right track toward success and have produced the proof that they are well on their way to creating the Quantum Computer. Whoever is first we have tow wonder how physicist Richard Feynman would feel about all this. For those who aren't aware of who he is, Feynman was the first the theorize that Quantum Technology decades ago. He also won a Noble Prize for his efforts in proving that this technology was possible. Perhaps all this would make him quite proud since it is now proving what he knew so many years ago.

So, could we actually have a Quantum Computer in say ten or twenty years? Who knows, maybe, it is certainly something that many are aiming for and won't give up on till it is a reality.