The Mysterious Rhodope Skull: Is This How Aliens Look Like
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The mysterious discovery of what appears to be an alien skull by a Bulgarian man on the Greek-Bulgarian border, and it's equally mysterious disappearance, has created fervent debate among both skeptics and believers. The skull was found in the Rhodope mountain range by a 38-year-old Bulgarian man from Plovdiv, who claims that he was instructed to dig up the skull through his dreams by five mysterious beings in metallic yellow clothing. He also claims the skull was buried near a small oval shaped metallic object the origins and whereabouts of which are still unknown.

The Rhodope Skull, elaborate hoax or proof of alien existence? Initially, the item was shown only to a small group of paranormal enthusiasts although quickly attracted the attention of both the scientific community and the wider public. The skull was soon examined by top professionals including Professor Dimiter Kovachev, director of the paleontology museum in Asenovgrad and Katya Malmet from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Neither expert could identify the skull, with both remarking that the item was like nothing that they had ever seen before. The skull itself is much smaller than that of a fully grown human skull and has a vastly different bone structure than any known animal species. It weighs only 250g and has no discernible mouth parts.

Instead, there are six cavities that are thought by some to be the alien's sensory organs. During the initial examinations of the skull by scientific professionals, the finder was reportedly offered lucrative sums from a number of parties to sell the skull, and it soon after disappeared. Whether he accepted one of these offers and who they came from is unclear, and the man, who has remained anonymous has yet to confirm whether this was the case or whether as with so many paranormal discoveries, the artifact simply disappeared. Several theories exist as to the true nature of the skull including that it is simply a mutated animal of some sort, a creature that was either created or lived alongside the Atlantians thousands of years ago, or indeed an extraterrestrial.

If the claims of the man who found the object are true and he was lead to the location it was buried by mysterious beings then the alien or Atlantian theories would be the most plausible. Answers to exactly what the skull is will have to wait for the time being however as whoever has it now clearly doesn't want to reveal its mysteries to the wider world. Carbon dating to determine the age of the skull and DNA analysis to check whether it has come from any known species of animal or perhaps prehistoric hominid are essential in getting to the bottom of the mystery but for now, cannot be carried out.