Researcher claims Reptilian Aliens have been abducting humans and creating hybrids
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The researcher Len Kasten has made sensational claims, which he says he has gleaned from undisclosed for reportedly reputable sources, that an alien race referred to as the Reptilians have been abducting humans for nefarious purposes. According to Kasten, this activity has been going on for thousands of years and showed no sign of abating anytime soon. Researcher claims that humans are being controlled by a reptilian race.

Kasten claims that human beings do not originate from the planet Earth but initially evolved in a constellation referred to as Lyra. Some time ago, a reptilian race from the Draco system invaded and forced the human beings to flee to this solar system where humans took up residence on Earth and Mars.

Today, the Martians live in a closed and highly secretive underground society while the reptilians live among human beings on the planet Earth. According to Kasten, these reptilian beings abduct thousands of people every year for experimentation purposes and food. He says that they prefer the blood of children as it is less polluted than that of adult humans. Kasten also claims that members of the reptilian race permanently live on this planet in underground bunkers.

Despite the fact that they conceal themselves from the human race they manage to wield a huge amount of influence over society through organizations such as the Illuminati. Their goal is to completely control the world’s populations to keep human beings subdued. The primary method by which they ensure the subjugation of humans is by controlling banking and other economic institutions. Kasten claims that the last wave of intense reptilian activity was during the Second World War when the alien beings seized effective control of both the Third Reich and the Imperial Japanese Government.

However, their plans to utilize the Axis powers to secure complete world domination failed because of the volatility of key human figures such as Adolf Hitler who improved impossible for the reptilians to control effectively. Why do the reptilian aliens want full control over Earth? Kasten writes that the reason that the reptilians are so keen to seize complete control of the planet Earth is that they are afraid of what human beings could do if they were released from continual subjugation. Intriguingly, he says that most humans are completely unaware that the race is endowed with certain ‘powers,' however, he did not explicitly state what these powers might be. Instead, he tantalizingly claims that these powers will become apparent as more and more people become aware of what is happening.