Removing 'retired' cells could reverse ageing
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It may one day be possible for over-65s to visit a clinic every few years to receive a rejuvenation shot.

In a new study, scientists at the Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands discovered that purging retired cells from the body can potentially reduce the effects of old age.

The researchers found that mice treated with a special substance designed to remove these dormant cells exhibited several indicators of age reversal including the regrowth of their fur, improved kidney function and the ability to run twice as fast as their untreated counterparts.

"Maybe when you get to 65 you'll go every five years for your anti-senescence shot in the clinic," said study leader Peter de Keizer. "You'll go for your rejuvenation shot."

Senescent cells, which were previously thought to be harmless, are the dormant remains of cells which can no longer be repaired by our bodies.

"It was found that these senescent cells secrete a whole load of junk and they're not just bystanders but have a negative effect," said De Keizer.