The Mystery Behind The Recon Flight That Spotted A Norwegian Mountain Troll
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In December of 1942, the crew of the RAF recon flight 300 is said to have taken a picture of a being of unimaginable proportions, some even called out the image as being one of the best pieces of evidence that giants exist, or existed in the past. However, the truth behind the image is very different from the story many were told.

Legends of giants exist all over the world among all cultures and civilizations. The fact that these legends exist certainly has to do with the fact that giants existed in the past and who knows they still exist today in remote regions such as the story told by Steve Quayle about the redheaded giant in Afghanistan. However, scientists and historians systematically deny its existence, why do they? What do they want to hide us from? The story narrated in the video below however tells us of a different case as you will see.