Real-life Darth Vader works at a hospital
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A man named after one of the most infamous movie villains of all time works at a hospital in Tennessee.

With his signature dark mask, distinctive breathing and deadly Force choke skills, Darth Vader is perhaps not the most appropriate science-fiction character to name one of your children after.

Unfortunately for 39-year-old Darthvader Williamson however, his own father thought otherwise.

"When I was born, my mother wanted me to be named junior, which was after my father, Anthony Lee Williamson," he said. "But with him being a Star Wars buff, he was enamored by the character Darth Vader, he was like, 'this would be one bad (as in good) name for our son.'"

Fortunately though, unlike his namesake, Williamson went on to do great things and now works as a surgical assistant at St. Francis Hospital-Bartlett in Tennessee.

His name has also seen him invited to numerous Star Wars conventions over the years, despite the fact that he isn't actually that much of a fan of the franchise himself.

"I have not seen Star Wars past 'Return of the Jedi'," he said.