Pyramids Make Intergalactic Communication Network Based On The ‘Cosmic Internet’ Coined By Nikola Tesla
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Researchers at the complex of pyramids in Bosnia have made various surprising discoveries, of them, reminding the recent detection of scalar waves, a form of free energy described by Nikola Tesla that could comprise the very foundation of a “cosmic internet” which links otherwise remote places in the universe.

According to the studies carried out at the site in Visoko, Bosnia, our forefathers utilized pyramids as means of intergalactic communication. They did it by telepathically encoding information into the scalar waves which were projected through oversized crystal caps installed on top of the pyramids.

It is now believed that pyramids were part of a huge communication network and that such structures are standing on all cosmic bodies where advanced civilizations had developed and evolved. Mind-boggling discoveries such as the ones at the complex of pyramids in Bosnia bring into the open feats of the ancients that contradict the agreed-upon idea of primitive earth inhabitants that had roamed the earth before to the last ice age.

Those institutions dictating our history are afraid of the explanations and revisions they would have to make if they were to piece together the bits of history acknowledged today, to the actual reality from remote times.