Now NASA Wants to Drill into Yellowstone Supervolcano, Risking Catastrophic Eruption
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Ex NASA Advisory Council member Brian Wilcox has made a revelation that is horrifying during the discussion of a space agency report. He said that if the risky proposals of NASA go ahead, to prevent an eruption, they might go wrong and it could lead to consequences that are disastrous and could see the Yellowstone volcano erupting.

NASA Attempt Might End In Disaster

One of the ways that NASA plans is to drill into the bottom of the volcano and by way of a spurt of water that is pressurized, release heat out of the magma chamber. However, Wilcox has said that there is a good chance that the attempt would not be successful and it could end in disaster. NASA plans to save people from what has been termed a super volcano eruption like from the ones shown of some of the most astonishing eruptions of volcanoes. Photographs have been captured of lava floating down Kilauea with ash spitting out of the craters, sending plumes of smoke that rise many thousands of feet into the air. One of the most violent of eruptions was that of Mount Sakurajima.