Why Did NASA Delete This Picture From Mars
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Why Was NASA So Quick To Delete A Photograph? The first thing he noticed about the object was that it had been made by man; it was something along the likes of a crashed or landed aircraft. It also led to the Rover tracks, one fact that does give an indication that employees of NASA were interested in it and so they sent the Curiosity to take a look.

Strange Spacecraft Object Spotted On Mars On NASA Website Then Removed It is good that independent researchers thought to make copies of the photographs as NASA can remove any photos they choose to from their website, without giving an explanation as to why. Which is what has happened with the photograph showing the mysterious object on Mars and in its place was just a black square? But just what is the mysterious object and why would NASA quickly remove it from the website? This is the question that Mauricio Ruiz asked them.

Ufologist Told Photo Was Moved To Another Site, And It Was Spacecraft From Earth NASA did give Ruiz a reply, and they said that the photographs had been moved to a different site with a different link. This was a reasonable explanation, and Ruiz accepted that that was what had happened. However, that is until he went to the other link and found that the photograph there was a lot different from the one he had seen on their site initially. Officials from NASA also said that the photograph that Ruiz had seen was one of a broken down Earth spacecraft that had crashed onto Mars on 22 December 2004 and then landed on the planet.

This might have been another plausible explanation for what Ruiz had seen if it had not been for the fact that there was no official statement about any such accident reported. Is NASA Hiding Something, Was The Photograph Uploaded By Mistake? This brought about another puzzle in the mind of Ruiz as why would officials at NASA now start to give out information about the crash of a secret apparatus from Earth crashing onto the surface of Mars when they had not made it public knowledge when the accident happened? Now Ruiz is even surer than ever that something is not right, but would NASA upload a photograph onto their website and then delete it very fast? The photograph certainly does not seem to show a spacecraft that came from Earth, and it does not look as though it has crashed. But if NASA wants to hide its existence so bad that they would remove it and then give answers that do not seem plausible, just what do they have to hide?