First Ever Evidence of the Multiverse Uncovered: Parallel Universe Interacting With Our Own
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For many years scientists have been perplexed about a space anomaly, but a study held recently now has some scientists suggesting that it may be explained by a parallel bubble universe. Scientists have been baffled for many years by a strange anomaly that takes pace far away in space, a cold spot that is around 1.8 billion light years across. The cold spot is cooler than the surroundings by as much as 0.00015 degrees Celsius and astronomers were able to determine this by measuring the radiation in the background throughout the universe.

Supervoid Doesn’t Actually Exist

Astronomers had in the past thought that space might be cooler just because there was less matter than in the majority of sections of space. They gave it the name of massive supervoid, and it was said that it held 10,000 galaxies less than other sections of space that had been compared. However, in a survey of galaxies that has been published recently, astronomers have found that the supervoid doesn’t exist. Now they think that the galaxies that are in the cold spot may be clustered around other much smaller voids and they populate the cold spot much like bubbles.

The small voids don’t explain the difference in temperature that was observed though. Only 2% Chance Of Cold Spot Being Formed Randomly Researchers now say that a cosmological model that isn’t standard would be needed to link the difference in temperature to the smaller voids. Researcher Ruari Mackenzie said that the data places constraints that are powerful when they try to attempt to do just that. The study may have a large margin of error; however, the simulations do suggest that there is just a 2% chance that the cold spot had been formed randomly.

Researcher Tom Shanks said that this meant that they could not rule out the spot being caused by unlikely fluctuation explained by the standard model. He went on to say that if that weren't the answer, then it would be an explanation that was more exotic.

Shanks said that what is the most exciting is the cold spot being caused by a collision that occurred between the universe and another bubble universe. Should better detailed studies support the researcher's findings then the cold spot may be the first evidence that we have of the multiverse, however, more evidence is going to be needed before it can be confirmed if our universe is just one of many out there.