Massive Asteroid WIPED OUT An Ancient Civilization According To Scientists
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It is a fact that there were hundreds of ancient civilizations that existed tens of thousands of years ago and some of them were wiped out by mysterious cirumstances. One of these prominent civilizations that existed even before the last ice age were the 'Clovis people'.

The Clovis people are the ancestors of American indians and were wiped out of the map in such a way that researchers couldn't figure out what happened for a long time. Now recent studies suggest that the ancient Clovis people were annihilated by a dinosaur level extinction asteroid, which also led to the massacre of several ancient beasts in the region such as Mammoths, Mastadons and Saber-Tooth Tigers.

According to some findings there were traces of platinum and iridium which are components mostly found in space rocks.

Could this be the real reason behind the extinction of the Clovis People?