New UFO Documentary: The 'Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs
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A new documentary was just released that features a man, Christo Roppolo. What is so significant about it, you might ask? It's the fact that this man witnessed an unidentified flying object at the age of eight.

The eight-year-old Roppolo was the only one in the house who witnessed it as his parents were arguing due to his brother smearing a soiled diaper throughout the Roppolo household. With that distraction, young Christo witnessed a figure that looked like the cartoon moose, Bullwinkle. Yes, the same figure from the cartoon "Rocky & Bullwinkle". The alien apparently told the young Christo that he was going to give Mr. Roppolo "a bite on the nose," but that everything would be okay. It haunted him as a youngster, and it was something that he dwelled on for years, realizing as he grew older that this was no dream.

It was a reality. Mr. Roppolo now lives in Monterrey, California and is fifty-seven years old. His encounters with the extra terrestrials have never stopped, but rather than facing them with uncertainty, much as he did as a youngster, he now grabs a camera and documents his encounters with the otherworldy. Christo has reached out to Justin Gaar, a new transplant and fellow filmmaker in the Los Angeles area, and the two are compiling Mr. Roppolo's footage. They met each other through a mutual friend when Mr. Roppolo was buying a synthesizer to make some electronic music. With Christo's footage and Gaar's film making the experience, the two have combined to create a movie called "Curse of the Man Who Sees UFOs," which was recently released. This movie documents Mr. Roppolo's interactions with the extra terrestrials and provides a vivid context for the interactions between the alien beings and Christo while offering the audience some proof that there is life beyond this world.