Man has replacement ear grown on his arm
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A man in China who lost his ear in an accident now has a new one thanks to a remarkable procedure.

The patient, who is known only as Mr Ji, suffered serious head injuries in a car accident that left him missing one of his ears and in need of multiple operations to repair the damage to his face.

Now though, following a revolutionary procedure, doctors led by plastic surgeon Guo Shuzhong have successfully managed to replace his ear with a new one grown on his own arm.

To create the new ear, Shuzhong, who performed China's first ever face transplant in 2006, first inserted a skin expander inside Mr Ji's right arm before using cartilage from his ribs to create a structure in the shape of an ear. The whole process took several months to complete.

The patient is now expected to make a full recovery and will be returning home in two weeks.