Mass Sighting Of Strange Lights Over Oahu
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Residents of Oahu, one of the largest islands in Hawaii, have been baffled by the appearence of strange lights in the sky overnight. Several people from the picturesque Polynesian island have reported that they witnessed bizarre lights flying in the sky over their local area.

According to one witness named Mash Hatae, there were around eight to ten bizarre lights in the sky at one point during the evening. Hatae claims that he woke up at around 2.30 in the morning and went downstairs to get some water when he spotted the lights flashing in the sky. He was so perplexed by what they could be that he decided to take a video which has been submitted to the media.

In the video, one can see at least three odd orb shaped lights in the sky although witnesses have said that there were much more at some points in the evening.

Despite the fact that numerous people from the Hawaiian island have also claimed that they witnessed the bizarre lights in the sky, the Federal Aviation Administration has played down the reports claiming that they have not received any unusual information from members of the public.

Representatives from the Hawaii Air National Guard, the U.S. Army, and nearby Schofield Barracks did not make any statement to the public regarding the unusual occurrence last night. Hatae has said that he believes that the mysterious lights in the sky are most likely to have been military flares, but he said that the flashes of light were unusually bright and long-lasting and therefore it may be the case that they were ‘something more mysterious.

While it is always possible that there could be something sinister going on beneath the surface, the vast majority of bizarre light sightings in the sky tend to be attributed to military training exercises.