Giant Figure Of Light Appears Above City Wiped Out By Giant Landslide In Colombia
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A weird phenomenon appeared above the Colombian city of Manizales after a landslide killed 17 people last week. A baffled crowd of locals gathered around to watch the sunset as many onlookers believe they witnessed the appearance of the figure of Jesus Christ.

The city of Manizales, Colombia made international headlines earlier this month when seventeen people were killed, and seven are still missing after a deadly landslide, and it may make headlines again this week with the astonishing appearance. The cloud phenomenon was recorded by a woman identified as Marya de Iesus on a mountain called Sancancio, who posted the religious experience on social media, not expecting it to go viral.

On the post that Marya wrote "Jesus Christ was visiting our Colombian town, he calmed down the sky and was listened to. God blesses us and glory to Lord and Universe King”, Many commented that it was a true sign of Jesus of Nazareth. The appearance of the figure helped to provide comfort to the residents of Manizales who lost their homes, family, friends and possessions in the natural disaster. The people of Manizales hope that this is a sign of good times ahead and a sign that they will find the people still missing.

In moments of great pain and loss, people need hope to give them the strength to keep fighting, and hopefully, this sighting will make it to them. "Gordon Sanchez" is one of the many comments that linked the sky phenomenon to a wide range of conspiracy theories include Project Blue Beam, the thought that NASA is trying to bring about the New World Order through means of mind control. Others believed that it is just a natural phenomenon that happens when the rays of the sun pass through certain types of clouds. Whatever the reason behind the phenomenon, the sighting has impacted the lives of many, both in Colombia and around the World.

Another natural sky phenomenon that takes the shape of Jesus or of an angel… Astonishing!