Hunza People Never Get Sick and Live up to 120 years - This Is Their Secret
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The Hunzakuts or Hunza are a community of people who are indigenous to the Hunza Valley, a mountainous region in the north of Pakistan. It is believed that these people are the descendants of the Macedonian soldiers who traveled to Pakistan with Alexander the Great. Whether this is true or not, the Hunza people are one of the most remarkable societies in the world and have a lot to teach the people of this planet.

The remote Pakistani community where people live to be 120 years old.

Life in the Hunza communities is characterized by its peacefulness. While bitter animosities over religion and ethnic identity are common in this particular region of the world and often stem into violent conflict, the Hunza are known for their tolerance and acceptance of difference. While the community is predominantly Muslim, there are a number of individuals who practice different faiths.

All of these people co-exist peacefully, and the area is known for its warm and friendly community relations. People in this region of Pakistan are also known to be well-educated with a literacy rate of 95%. Despite this above average level of education, the Hunza people live simple lives, and most individuals work in an agricultural context and toil the fields from morning until night. They mainly subsist on a fairly basic diet which does not include any processed food whatsoever.

They are known for consuming dried apricots which are considered to be a specialty of the region. The most fascinating thing about this community is that they seem to have remarkable health. Many people in the Hunza community live to be over 150 years old, and there have been reports of women giving birth naturally in the area at the age of sixty-five. Naturally many people are interested to know what exactly makes the Hunza such a healthy people and it appears that it is combination of various factors.

The high level of education in the community means that the people are constantly mentally stimulated as well as being physically active until old age. Their laborious work on the land not only provides them with ample exercise but also requires them to constantly be in touch with nature. Living off the land allows them to avoid much of the stress and problems caused by the industrialization of society which means that they report being much happier than people in industrialized areas. Perhaps the incredible secrets of the Hunza people are actually very simple.