Harvard SHOCKED as newly created metallic hydrogen suddenly vanished from lab
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When a group of Harvard Scientists made their grand announcement last month that they had created a new form of metal hydrogen, they no doubt never dreamed what would follow. Unique Metal Creation Disappears from Lab It would seem that just one later they had to make another announcement one that had them baffled. It would seem that their new creation had just disappeared from the lab.

The metal that was created through a process of using extreme pressure on hydrogen gas was indeed a great discovery. It was one that would revolutionize the way that metal was created. It is a process that many had tried to reproduce but the only ones able to do so was the scientific group at Harvard University. It was a huge discovery, but now the fact that is has disappeared leaves more of a mystery of how it was made, but what became of it.

Could the metal have been stolen, since it was a huge discovery that many no doubt would love to know how it was done to steal the idea? This could be possible if it weren't for the fact that the lab where the metal was held had strong security protocols in place. No one could have got to that lab undetected. So, how could the metal have suddenly disappeared from the lab, it couldn't just vanish into thin air, or could it. The group of scientists who made the announcement that they had made the discovery are now stating that an unintentional lab accident has caused the metal just to evaporate.

The metal was kept confined between two diamonds to keep it stabilized. But something went wrong which caused the diamonds to shatters, which caused the still unstable metal to decompose and go back to its original form hydrogen gas. So, now after all the years of work apparently, it's back to the old drawing board. Anyway, at least the scientists at Harvard University now have proof that such a process can work, it's just now a question of getting the metal to a stable stage. Well, no great invention has ever been made overnight. It can take years of trial and error to get the whole thing right.