Hair salon is offering snake neck massages
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The Haar Mode Team salon in Dresden is offering customers a rather unique type of massage service.

Despite the fact that pythons typically kill their prey by constricting it with their muscular coils, this unorthodox hairdressing establishment has enjoyed considerable success offering massages to customers courtesy of a snake called Monty and its owner Falk Dohler.

Those brave enough to give it a go will be asked to take a seat in the salon while the huge reptile is placed on their neck, providing a 'soothing massage' that some of the regulars swear by.

"In the beginning, I was a little bit afraid," said customer Nadine Knect.

"I thought the snake would be cold. But I should say, no, it is warm and it is a very pleasant feeling when it pulsates, when it massages the neck.