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A week ago on the 21st of March, a chief engineer on an offshore supply vessel in the Gulf of Mexico witnessed a UFO emerging from the ocean that was measuring 1200 feet in diameter. The witness filed a report on the website of the National UFO reporting center two days later. After Gcaptain, a well-known maritime and offshore industry news website published the story, numerous news sites have reported on the encounter.

The witness described a dark colored, oval shaped object emerging from the ocean. No water was dripping from the craft. It was five times as large as the 240 supply vessel the crew was on. The event lasted for 40 seconds when suddenly the UFO disappeared with the speed of light. The National UFO reporting center contacted the witness and stated that he is very reliable. Throughout the years, many UFO reports have been filed in which the object emerged from the ocean.

In some cases, witnesses on board of ships reported having seen strange light beneath the surface of the water. In 1995 classified photographs were leaked to a French magazine. These photographs contained images of alleged UFO’s that were taken from inside a submarine. This submarine, the USS Trepang was on a classified mission nearby the Jan Mayen Island in 1971. During the mission, the crew of the submarine took these photographs of enormous UFO hovering above the ocean, and in some cases, the objects can be seen submerging into the water. It was not clear whether these UFO’s were shot down by the submarine because in some of the pictures we can see an object entering the water in a cloud of smoke.


The crew member reported the UFO sighting to the National UFO Reporting Center. The NUFORC track any sightings reported of UFOs and record data. The engineer said that he was working on Thursday afternoon, 21 March, in the Mexican Gulf, when around 7 pm he along with four members of the crew saw a craft which appeared to be five times the length of their own craft, which is 240 feet.

The sighting has been highlighted by the National UFO Reporting Center as being of interest and is one of the 246 recent reports of sightings of UFOs during March this year. The NUFORC talked with the engineer via phone and was reported as being sober-minded. In notes, they wrote that the witness seemed capable and reliable and he had estimated that perhaps up to 50 people might have witnessed the UFO, aboard vessels nearby. The NUFORC are now urging witnesses to come forward.