Giant Footprints at Ain Dara Temple Ruins Remind of a Long-Forgotten Race of Giants
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A pair of gigantic footprints engraved just outside the entrance of the Ain Dara Temple hint at the importance and mystery of this place. These footsteps stand as a reminder of a long-forgotten time when ‘gods’ walked among humans, or maybe only to make sure that the following generations won’t forget or deny the time when giants walked among us. Although these footprints are artificially engraved there are vestiges throughout the world of huge giant human footprints.

In addition to these tests there are also reports of bones and skulls of giant humanoids found from Europe to Asia. In America, giant skeletons have also been found but quickly hidden so that there are only reports of the discovery. No medio oriente os anunakis eram considerados deuses de enorme estatura que vieram de outr planeta Nibiru e criaram os humanos modernos. Are these footprints representative of these gods of antiquity?