Explosive: New Apollo 10 Footage Discovery Proves Moon Landing Hoax
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On September 12th of 1962 then President John F Kennedy gave an impassioned speech at Rice Stadium that inspired not only the nation but the world.

In that speech he encouraged us to broaden our horizons, meet new challenges and reach for the stars. To boldly go where no man had gone before. Flash forward to 1969 and the Apollo 10 mission. The Apollo 10 mission was the first flight of a complete; point screwed Apollo spacecraft to operate around the moon. It was a dress rehearsal for the Moon landing and brought the Apollo Lunar Module points 4 nautical miles from the lunar surface to the point where powered descent would begin on the actual landing. This is original unaltered NASA footage from the Apollo 10 mission. Film taken includes various scenes of Thomas Stafford, lunarEugene Sernan and John Young working in the Command ModLunar orbit views, Earth rise, re ere-entry as well as nice close-ups of the lunar surface. We'll only be looking at a small clip here. A clip in which the astronauts are filming the surface of the moon.

On the right side of the screen, you can see the astronauts reflection in the glass. He seems to be seated at first, then gets up, alternates between being seated and standing again, amerAmerican flag on his suit is visible, and you can even see his face for a second as he comes in close to adjust something. His shoulder is then visible as he turns again, and then shockingly he turns a walks away. He even seems to be striding away, and we can see him adjusting his pants as he does. What's shocking about it is that there is no weightlessness. He is striding away perfectly normally on solid ground. He also seems to be striding away in a much larger space than the lunar module had. The narrator describes the scene before it plays out, so people know what to look for. Thus the video should be watched til the end. As we watch the astronaut walk away, back turned to us, giving his pants a tug. We think of all the countries with space programs, Russia, Europe, Japan, and China, we wonder what kind of grand hoax is being played on humanity, and to what end?