The Elite Is Going To Dramatically Reduce The Global Population - Here's How
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Conspiracy theories about depopulation have always been rampant and fuel much controversy. These theories come in all forms and scenarios.

Many conspiracists have theorized that "depopulation" is the aim of elites of secret organizations that are in charge of world powers, albeit behind the scenes.

They are the real puppeteers, and the world is their playground. While smoking a cigar and burning $100 bills at the same time, these elites are conspiring to actually rid the world of "useless eaters" or “nutzlose fresser". As the original language of this term suggests, it is a term that derived from Nazi Germany days. It is claimed to be first referenced in the T4 program, which was a horrendous program that aimed that the mentally ill, terminally ill, disabled and elderly people. Why? Why do elites want to depopulate Earth?

It is theorized that they want to bring a dawn of a new age with more obedient, easily controlled super-humans such that these elites can reign supreme behind the scenes forever.

The story and theories now lead to how this plan is actually supposed to be carried out. This is where theories are also rampant, but a huge bulk of the theories are actually planned with the use of chemicals. These chemicals will poison or sterilize the target group of people.

Another famous theory is the anti-environmentalist theory, where people of these organizations such as the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement actually propagate global warming conspiracy theories to depopulate. This is a real application of reverse psychology in a conspiracy context. What does this really entail for all of us, the common man? Not much. Governments are smarter now and know that human resources and labor, not matter how oversupplied it is, will always be a strong factor. More people means more production, which builds economies and makes countries stronger. When a country grows strong, the government has more influence on other countries due to their power.

Smart elites would know that with fewer people supporting them, their power will also diminish along with them. Nobody in a seat of power would ever want that, will they?