NASA Researchers Disclose the Truth About Dimensional Portals
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When it comes to time travel, many people soon think of the silver DeLorean, the car that served as the time machine in the Back to the Future movie series. Or even on Tardis, the spacecraft - which is also a time machine - used by the character Dr. Who of the British series of the same name, to travel in time and space.

Physics needs some new running shoes, or at least an updated framework in which to understand itself so that it won’t be running in circles trying to get to Saturn or a distant star in a galaxy far, far away. That’s the sentiment among those in elevated levels of government as well as individuals who understand higher consciousness. Why? There are places all over the Universe we can travel to in an instant, using energetic portals in space, and the use of our consciousness. In the scientific environment the theme of time travel is very discrete circulation; It is assumed that either scientists are ridiculed for seriously investigating a subject that is said to be infertile, or advances in the area, if any, are so secret that no one talks about it. However, the study of time travel and other consequences of theories of physics can change our perspective on the universe.