Deadly spiders emerge from bunch of bananas
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A family had to be evacuated from their home after a nest of spiders was found on a supermarket banana.

30-year-old Gemma Price from Tyne and Wear, England had started tucking in to a banana she'd bought from a local Asda supermarket when she noticed that it was covered in tiny spiders.

"I had brought a banana up to my bedroom and opened it and I think I must have broken an egg sack because hundreds of these tiny spiders went everywhere," she said.

"They landed on my arm and I just started thrashing. They went all over the bed and some on [my son] Leo's cot. I called the police and they said I should evacuate the property straight away."

Pest controllers later indicated that the arachnids were possibly Brazilian wandering spiders - a particularly nasty species capable of killing a human with a single bite.

It took more than three days to ensure that the house was safe for the family to return.

The supermarket has since stressed that finding spiders in bananas is "extremely rare.