Da Vinci's Alien Conections
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It is fact that Leonardo da Vinci started a lot of controversies debates among Christians. But the secret codes and subliminal messages through his work were embedded in another research type.

This type of research is called "In the mirror phenomenon", a research currently used for subliminal messages. The "mirror phenomenon" is often used in movies and cartoons. This is the only manner in wich the person who make the movie or cartoon, is ensured that the message arrives at the back of one mind while the conscious is not able to decode the message. Terrence Masson, graphician at Boston University, is convinced that in da Vinci's paintings many mysteries are hiding. To discover, the specialist subjected to an analysis computer graphics several paintings. The results were amazing because they have discovered the alien guises. Discovered images are downright amazing simply because the artist has inserted extraterrestrial beings behind his paintings. Why? Perhaps these images are part of a secret message he wanted to convey.