Crystal Mining? Inside An Underground Reptilian Alien Base
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Deep below where humans cannot see, aliens are believed to be. Deep within the cores surface, there is an entire world full of extraterrestrial life of all kinds, waiting to be found. One of the species is known as infamous reptilian humanoid type, and based on previous discovery, these monsters have been "establishing themselves and preparing." The number of these species is believed to be unknown, which leaves humans questioning. These extraterrestrial mysteries have been considered dangerous to mankind since they are known to have created devices that could leave their victims suffering for a while, as well as entrapped.

These mysterious monsters are known to disguise themselves as human, leaving other humans at a loss for words. There has been evidence showing they are here to save human kind in some circumstances as well, but that's still the real question that lingers. Based on other previous discovery, the people who come in contact with these mysterious extraterrestrials are more likely to run the risk of being abducted. Once they are abducted, they are then believed to be taken to the alien race to endure their suffering. Bila is known to be a planet of Alfa Dragonis which is a star system in the constellation of Draco. Once a person has been taken to this new planet, they have completely transformed from a conditioned soul to somebody entrapped deep within the unknown. The true reason for the abductions remains unknown. It is believed that once in the alien realm things are altered completely for humankind.

The caves are known to bring an omniscient feel to it, covered in predators lurking waiting for the next meal. There are dragon eggs and reptiles of all types. The eggs have not hatched yet into adulthood, but are waiting patiently. Some other spine-chilling species include the glowing alien scorpions, jellyfish, and deadly millipedes. These creatures are also known to bring immediate devastation towards humankind. Tiberium crystals, small and yellow, are also found occasionally around these areas. It is believed that there is only one crystal the reptilians are most interested in, and that would be the crystal that is underground; it is known to have a spark of yellow and green. These alien predators are known to have mastered the art of making jewelry out of these pieces. The crystals are found within the wall of a diamond cluster and contains a power that only the creatures themselves can fulfill. Captivity is believed to be for the crystals use strictly. Once taken back to their cities, they are held captive, then they are believed to be locked into a titanium house, with no doors or no windows. Once that has happened, it is believed they are locked up with nowhere to escape. It is believed to be a "Boxed Cage." Different discoveries have led to this breakthrough, and some brave adventures have taken place. It can take the time to get down to the extraterrestrials level, but it is believed that once arrived, there is no turning back.