Cryptozoology: The 5 Most Bizarre Mythical Cryptids & Entities
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The legends of mythical creatures are a large part of folklore and fiction. We have all no doubt heard of mermaids, vampire, werewolves and dragons. But we also know that the creatures aren't real, or are they? Yes, there have been the stories of the large abominable snowman known in the legend are Big Foot.

Then, of course, there is the huge legend that surrounds the Loch Ness Monster who resides in Scotland. These two unexplained beasts have got much publicity over the years, but as a new video out online now proves, these may not be the only unexplained creatures that eye witnesses have given account to over the years. Video Reveal Sighting of Mythical Creatures The video goes into some very strange encounters with like five different creatures.

These include one known as the Dogman who has been encountered in an area of Michigan, and also another strange oddity known as Springheeled Jack.