CREEPY! Strange 'Chupacabra' Monster Found In Mississipi
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It's pretty terrifying when we spot strange hairy creatures with big fangs, and we can't identify the kind of animal they are.

There are truly strange things lurking out there in the darkness of our world. A man from Mississipi snapped a bizarre looking monster half inside a garbage bag. The creature was dead when the snap was taken and was located in a rural area. Some think that it was a house pet, but the strange is, it's not like any house pet we know.

The picture was sent to Finding Bigfoot's Matt Moneymaker and Bigfoot Evidence for some insight. The answers are more inclined to a dead baboon or bear. Some say it could even be a hair covered alligator creature or even the famous mythical blood-sucking creature known as the 'Chupacabra'. What kind of creature could it be?

Is this the notorious Chupacabras?