Couple celebrate their third huge lottery win
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Douglas and Barbara Fink, who are from Canada, have won the lottery three times in the last 28 years.

The odds of winning a large cash prize in the lottery are infinitesimally small, yet somehow Edmonton couple Douglas and Barbara Fink have managed to do it over and over again.

Their first win was back in 1989 when Mr Fink shared a $128,000 prize with four of his friends. The couple then won a second time in 2010 when they scooped an additional $100,000.

Now the lucky pair have managed to achieve an even larger win to the tune of $8.1 million.

According to Mrs Fink, she had called her husband at work to tell him the news, but it was only afterwards that she learned exactly how much money they had actually won.

"I called Douglas back before midnight and told him it was more than $8 million," she said.

The couple are now planning on what they are going to do with their newfound riches.