Computers may replace doctors within 10 years
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UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has outlined how health care is likely to change over the next decade.

Not only will visits to a GP become less commonplace, he argues, but medical care is set to become so sophisticated that most conditions will eventually be diagnosed even before symptoms arise.

Much of this will be down to intelligent computers being capable of managing each patient's medical records and analyzing everything from test samples to verbal consultations to help make a diagnosis.

"The first thing is we may not be going to doctors for a diagnosis, we might be going to computers instead, who will be looking at the 300,000 biomarkers in every single drop of blood, mashing that with big data information about everyone else's biomarkers," Hunt told the NHS Expo conference.

"And when we do go to a doctor, he or she may be comparing your medical record with our fully sequenced genome and giving us much more accurate predictive information."

"We may be in a world where if we show any symptoms of a disease, we consider that a sign of failure - because the name of the game will be to catch diseases when we are asymptomatic and we have a much better chance of being able to nip illness in the bud