The CIA Traveled To The Himalayas In Search Of UFOs
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It is well known that a dedicated Nazi unit called 'Ahnenerbe' tasked with investigating paranormal phenomenon visited the Himalayas extensively in search of evidence for various anomalies including Bigfoot, ancient, powerful magical artifacts and UFOs.

The Nazis believed that the discovery of occult or extraterrestrial objects might give them a huge strategic advantage in the Second World War. As that war drew to a close and the Cold War became the new international battleground it appears that the United States took up the mantle of the Nazi interest in the paranormal. Recently declassified CIA documents describe CIA members taking up the search for UFOs in the Himalayas. The strong association with the Himalayas and extra-terrestrial activity largely stems from the comments of the Buddhist monks who have inhabited the region for generations. They have often made claims about mysterious lights that can be viewed in the night’s sky which they refer to as ‘intelligent’.

It does appear that the CIA had some success in detecting and observing UFOs in the region when they went to visit the Himalayas in 1968. In this year, there were a number of mysterious sightings of ‘fast moving lights’ reported in Nepal, Bhutan and several locations across India. According to the CIAs’ documents, an apparently supersonic object emitting green and red lights were sighted on the night of the 19th of February in both Nepal and India. A second UFO would appear two days later over Bhutan and appeared to be traveling from Tibet. Finally, two UFOs were spotted flying from the Chang La pass and intersecting wing an Indian Air Force base in Fukche.

A fast-moving object, long and thin, emitting red and green bright light, as bright as to cause day-light. Thunder sound heard after few seconds of sighting of object,” The report concluded that these sightings were similar enough to safely make the assumption that they were being operated by the same collective probably from a base in the general region. This is a very interesting point as there have rumors about a secret UFO base close to the Kongka La, a high mountain pass which lies on the border between China and India. In a separate document, the CIA report that a month after this spate of sightings they also covered an incident in the Kaski district of north western Nepal. Intriguingly, this short and sparse report claims that something was recovered from this particular sighting that bore resemblance to other objects recovered in two separate regions of Nepal. This suggests that they may have recovered a UFO and that they had access to information about previous UFO crashes in the region. One white light and simultaneously two blasting sounds were heard. Also, one reddish light followed by white smoke.

Unfortunately, the trail seems to go cold at this point with no more reference being made to UFO investigations by the CIA in the rest of their declassified documents. Did they conclude that the objects were UFOs? Did they actually manage to recover one? What use was the recovered UFO put to? Sadly none of these questions have definitive answers at this point and, given the agency’s policy of complete denial about extra-terrestrial activity, it is unlikely that they will be forthcoming in the near future. A huge metallic disc-shaped object with a six-foot base and four feet in height was found in a crater at Baltichaur, five miles NE of Pokhara.