SpaceX Cape Canaveral launch is a success
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The private space firm has successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket from NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

The success marks the first time that any commercial rocket has taken off from Pad 39a - the same pad from which the legendary Apollo Moon missions were once launched.

The rocket was carrying a Dragon cargo capsule bound for the International Space Station.

The launch had been scheduled for Saturday but was aborted with a mere 13 seconds left on the countdown clock after an unexpected reading was picked up from the rocket's second stage.

The capsule, which is due to rendezvous with the space station on Tuesday morning, is carrying supplies as well as a payload of scientific equipment and experiments.

"You can see that this particular SpaceX launch is going to keep our crew busy," said Tara Ruttley, associate scientist for the ISS program. "It keeps us busy every day.