Broad Haven Triangle' UFO mystery turns 40
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It has now been four decades since a group of children witnessed a UFO outside their school in Wales.

The remarkable incident, which remains one of the most compelling UFO cases ever reported, involved a group of schoolchildren who saw a figure dressed in silver emerge from a "yellow cigar-shaped craft" which landed in a field next to Broad Haven Primary School on February 4, 1977.

The school's headteacher, who didn't believe their story, later asked them to draw what they had seen. To his surprise the sketches of the UFO and its occupant were all eerily similar.

The same UFO was reportedly sighted again only a couple of weeks later, this time by some of the teachers and dinner ladies. One of them even described seeing a "creature" going inside.

Another strange sighting was also reported in April by hotel owner Rosa Granville who was awoken in the early hours by a strange noise and saw a series of peculiar flashing lights through her window.

When she looked out she observed what she described as an "upside-down saucer" in a nearby field and two "faceless humanoids" on the ground next to it.

"It was early morning and mum was woken by a buzzing noise and she thought she'd left the gas boiler on. Once downstairs she realised the noise was from outside," said her daughter, Francis.

"She looked out and saw about 100 feet away an oval object she could only describe as a 'space craft' with lights, slowly land and two figures emerge in silver suits."

No conclusive explanation for these sightings has ever been found.