Banshee Photographed? Eerie Photo Goes Viral In India
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First, for those who aren't aware of what exactly a banshee is, this is a female spirit that wails a terrible sound. Which is where the term wails like banshee comes from. But this isn't the most disturbing thing about a banshee, according to Irish legend banshee's appear at a specific home when death is looming. Alright, so a banshee is a thing of folklore and legend not actually real so nothing to worry about right? Think again turns out that there may be something to the legend of the banshee and someone in India believes that they may have actually captured this foreboding spirit on film.

The individual who caught the banshee image on film has chosen only to identify themselves as a singer in Pakistan has shared these images with their fans on social media to get verification of what this actually could be. Apparently, the images are of an odd looking woman with hair on her face sitting on a rooftop. This description can't even begin to describe what was witnessed by those who saw this woman, many of whom took pictures such as this singer did. According to the singer, they stated that the woman looked like a chudail, a female demon that is feared by those in South Asia. In short, their own version of a banshee. Yes, these images have met with skepticism by some, but there are those who say that the singer did indeed capture something on film.

Those who doubt this state that there is no way chudail would allow itself to be caught on film, or remain sitting on a rooftop as so many took photos of it. But whatever this was the images are quite convincing none the less. The images of this unusual encounter are now circulating on social media online.