Amazing! Gorilla Walks Upright Like A Human
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A Western Lowland Gorilla has charmed the world with his unusual and amazing talent of walking upright like a human. He stands at an impressive height of 6 feet and weighs over 476 pounds. Western Lowland Gorillas normally live in the dense and remote rainforests Of Africa. These gorillas tend to live in the smallest groups of all gorillas usually consisting of only about four to six members.

The leader of the group, the silverback, organizes most group activities such as eating, resting, and traveling. The Western Lowland gorillas are quickly becoming an endangered species though as their numbers have declined by more than sixty percent over the last twenty to twenty-five years. These gorillas are the ones most often on display at wildlife parks and zoos. Gorillas have been known to stand on occasion, but they usually don't walk very far, says Kevin Hunt an anthropologist at Indiana University, when trying to explain the behavior.

He believes the gorilla learned the behavior from watching his keepers, or from his father who could walk upright too. It seems to be a family trait as his sister and her offspring can walk upright as well. Ambam seemingly has worked hard at mastering the skill over time and can now walk with ease over considerable distances. His unique talent has made him an internet sensation, and many have flocked to the wildlife park located in the UK to see him in person.