A Demon-Like Winged Creature Attacked Policemen In New York: 1904
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New York, June 22nd, 1904, reports of a giant winged creature attacking people in the middle of the night are troubling policemen and keeping the locals up at night.

Witness: 'I think it is supernatural, that's what I think'

In a time before anyone could have a camera on them, all there was to go by in these times was word of mouth and urban legends. The giant winged creature was causing trouble, and the location of these incidents earned the nickname "the hoodoo post." The most common theory was that it was some kind of large aggressive owl while the other more uncommon theory was that it was something more supernatural in nature.

A police officer by the name of Patrick J Hickey had this to say "It's not an owl, it's a devil with wings. Sure I know an owl when I see one, but no man ever seen an owl with wings six feet wide. And it "whooo's" like a ghost in a graveyard too, when it's not growling beneath its breath. Why men, he's no owl; he a devil; and I'm going to get transferred.

which pretty much sums up the feelings of the police at the time, scared and feeling vulnerable. The acting police captain Wilson of the Bronx Police Department reported that he had asked the superintended of the Zoological Gardens in the Bronx to try and take into custody a big brown owl that had to scare the policeman.

After officer Patrick was transferred, the policeman who took his place was a German man whose name wasn't recorded, he had this to say "I've seen it! It had a stick on its claw, and it tried to smash my head. When I ducked, it ducked too, and I had to run behind a tree. I think it is supernatural, that's what I think." And like Hickey, the German man transferred out to be replaced by officer Walter Kane whom also put in a request to be transferred after he reported a winged creature knocked his helmet off and was promptly replaced by Officer Frank Campbell who only lasted a few days before coming into work with his face all cut and wrote a simple report before transferring out.

The report read "Shortly before midnight, encountered a dark, flying object with four legs and two wings, the beast attacked me, if it was a beast, and I fought back. Has the resemblance of a tall, slim man at times, and at other times assumes the form of a mountain dwarf." After this, however, just as abruptly as they had started, the attacks had stopped, and there were no further reports of a giant winged creature in the Bronx attacking citizens or policemen and all we are left with the reports from the policemen about this strange creature all those years ago.