50,000-Year-Old Microbial 'Super Life' Discovered Trapped Within Enormous Crystals
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Ever heard of the Cave of Crystals found far within the cavern of the Naica Mine in Mexico? This cavern is like something that literally would blow someone away if they were to see them up close. The crystal formations found in this cavern can be as large as 39 feet and weigh about 81 tons. These crystals create beautiful types of formations that appear like nothing ever seen and certainly make it work going to see for their amazing beauty.

New Life Form Found in Large Crystal Formations But these caves hold more than just a viewing spectacle.

It turns out that there is something else to be found there as well. A new type of life form. Within these crystals, there are signs of a microorganism that seem to be a form of life itself. But this life that has been found and was extracted by a team or research scientists from NASA for further study seem to be like none we have ever encountered before. The life forms have been determined to date back nearly 50,000 years. The team also determine that these are indeed to original life forms that formed within the crystals not descendants fo them. So, these microbes lived for thousand of years prospering within the confines of these crystals. As it turns out. This isn't the first time such micro biotic life forms have been discovered.

There have also been reports of similar microbes found in areas of deep sea vents, in acidic areas of the hot springs and craters of volcanoes. All these areas seem to have things in common such as extreme temperatures whether it is hot or cold along with extreme humidity. The odd things about these microbes that have been found in these various locations they may all fall under the term of microbes but they have differing characteristics as well upon further study. Perhaps it just goes to show that we as human beings take for granted that we are familiar with all the life on this planet. But it turns out that science is discovering that there are trillions of different type of life out there. It just a question of being able to determine where life can be found and what hidden answers these life forms can tell us.